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Nicki Minaj is lending her voice (and multiple personalities) to the small screen for Cartoon Network’s Steven Universe. Guest starring as the character Sugilite, the role fits the rapstress like a designer glove.

In the “Coach Steven” episode, Sugilite is the larger-than-life, charismatic combination of two of the show’s characters: Garnet and Amethyst. When a job is too big for either of them to tackle alone, fierce Garnet and overzealous Amethyst fuse to create Sugilite, who “can be a little unstable.”

With lines like “I forgot how great it feels to be me,” and “maybe you’re just too little,” it seems Nicki Minaj pours her own extremities into the animated character. x


Episode 5 really hit me not only many have been or may be going through this phase nagisa was in, I too have been going through the same with grades and everything but kyoani really pulled of nagisa’s character development the best.

I really want to say nagisa is strong, I mean from all times he didn’t lash out until this episode from everyone’s character development,

I really liked the part where he shouts and have a really like really deep voice not the usual shota but for once a normal voice.

This episode is literally the longest anime episode i watched i don’t know but every bits of scenes goes in your heart all the lessons it teaches us.

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